Addressing Some Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Accidents

An automobile accident can cause severe injuries and financial losses for those involved. If you have never been through an auto accident lawsuit, you may be unsure of your rights to recover compensation following one of these accidents. To help you with making decisions when it comes to your auto accident, you will likely find the following answers to commonly asked car accident questions useful.

Does It Matter If The Accident Involved A Commercial Vehicle?

In instances where the auto accident was caused by a commercial vehicle, it can make pursuing compensation more complicated. This can stem from the fact that it will need to be determined whether the driver or the employer is liable for the accident. Additionally, it can be common for accidents with commercial vehicles to result in more expensive damages, as these vehicles can often be much bigger than standard passenger cars. For these reasons, it is essential to have the representation of an experienced and knowledgeable auto accident attorney to ensure that you are well-positioned to protect your rights after these accidents.

What Documents Should You Keep From The Accident?

Following these accidents, it is critical for you to retain any documents that help to prove your losses or verify the events that led to the accident–for example, copies of any accident reports, medical bills, transportation costs and any other expenses. By retaining these documents, you will be able to accurately estimate the damages that you suffered, which will help your attorney in negotiations with the defense or during trial proceedings.

Will You Have To Pay Out Of Pocket To Be Represented By An Attorney?

Sadly, there are some individuals that may be convinced that they will be unable to hire an attorney to represent them during these proceedings because they may be unable to pay out of pocket expenses. Luckily, most auto accident attorneys only charge their clients when they collect damages. This is a contingency fee structure, and it can allow clients that have limited or no money the ability to retain counsel. Under this type of billing arrangement, the attorney will also front the costs of trying your case and gathering evidence. If a favorable verdict or settlement is reached, your attorney will subtract the costs that they incurred while pursuing your case as well as their fee from your award. The remainder will be distributed to you, and while this may seem like an expensive or time consuming option for recovering damages, it can be the only option to compel the other party to honor the losses that they cost you.

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Tips To Help You Get A Bankruptcy Lawyer When You’re Low On Funds

If you’re filing bankruptcy, having a competent attorney is absolutely invaluable.  They’ll walk you through every step of the process, and make sure that your filings are accurate and submitted on time.  However, finding the money to pay for a bankruptcy attorney may seem out of reach, especially if you’re already so far behind on the bills that you currently have. Don’t miss out on the benefits of working with a bankruptcy lawyer due to your finances.  Use these tips to learn more about how you can get an attorney even when you’re low on funds.

Seek Help From A Legal Aid Society

A legal aid society can be an invaluable tool when you need a lawyer on a budget.  They help to simplify the process of finding an attorney by consulting with you, then finding a matching lawyer who can take on your bankruptcy case.

Legal aid societies are all about leveling the justice field.  These organizations aim to help people get legal representation, especially when they’re in a lower income bracket.  They are funded by a number of donations and grants, so you may find that you’re able to get a bankruptcy lawyer without having to pay out-of-pocket.  If your local legal aid society has income restrictions that you happen to surpass, they may still be able to put you in touch with a lawyer who is willing to work with you for a discounted rate.

Seek Out A Pro Bono Bankruptcy Attorney

Pro bono bankruptcy attorneys understand that oftentimes, when an individual is filing for bankruptcy, they just don’t have the money to pay for a lawyer.  Because of this, they are willing to extend their services without charging a fee.

Because pro bono lawyers are in high demand, these legal professionals may not widely advertise their free services.  This means that you may have to put in a little legwork to find them.  Don’t be afraid to call different law firms and ask if they have a pro bono division.  When you do reach a pro bono bankruptcy attorney, be compelling and honest, letting them know just how badly you need to file for bankruptcy.  You may find that they are willing to help you with your bankruptcy filing even though you can’t pay.

Don’t let your financial situation keep you from getting the legal help that you need.  When you’re ready to file bankruptcy, keep these tips in mind so you can get a lawyer when money is tight.

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