Notified of a Garnishment? How the Payroll Department Can and Can’t Help

10 March 2020
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Have you been notified from your employer's payroll or human resources department that they have received a notice of garnishment? When this happens, most employees turn to their payroll department for help in understanding the garnishment and handling the fallout. But there are only certain things that your employer can do at this point. What are some of these things and what can they not do for you? Here are a few answers. Read More 

A Divorce Explained In 4 Easy-To-Understand Steps

3 February 2020
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So many people want to get divorced but do not understand how to go about doing it or what steps are involved. While there are more than four steps involved, these are the main four you will need to complete in order to get divorced. Read on to learn about the four steps you will need to complete to get divorced. 1. File the Petition You cannot begin a divorce without filing a petition for it. Read More 

Surgical Nightmare: Waking Up To The Wrong Surgical Procedures

18 December 2019
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Imagine going to the hospital for a procedure, such as having your appendix removed to then wake up and find out you received the wrong surgery. The scene sounds like something out of a horror movie that takes place in some deranged hospital, yet wrong surgical procedures happen more often than you think. From 1985 to 2004, wrong surgical procedures were more common, occurring once every 113,000 operations. The Join Commission developed a Universal Protocol in 2004 to help correct issues with wrong surgical site errors, wrong person errors, and wrong procedure errors. Read More 

Not Just Clumsiness: When Negligence Causes You To Slip And Fall

21 November 2019
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Taking a spill in a department store can be embarrassing and humiliating for many. Unfortunately, some victims of the store's negligent actions allow those emotions to keep them from taking action and getting paid compensation. When you slip and fall in a public place, is it really clumsiness or something else? Read on to find out more. A Duty of Care Did you know that instead of you owing a store money, they actually owe you something? Read More 

Winning A Child Custody Case When Your Emotional Breakdown Is Being Used Against You

24 October 2019
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Getting divorced from your spouse has been hard, but after their emotional abuse triggered a breakdown, you simply had no other choice. Now, your spouse is trying to use the breakdown that they caused against you in a child custody case. This situation may seem hopeless, but it is far from it. Mental Health May Influence a Decision During a child custody case, the courts will examine the mental health of both parents to decide which is the most suitable for a child's needs. Read More