3 Questions To Ask When Designing A Custody Agreement

20 May 2019
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Divorce may end a marriage, but it can also end other relationships that affect your family and finances. If you and your spouse share children, designing a custody agreement that works for all parties is smart. Unfortunately, designing a custody agreement is not always simple, since there is usually some discord and emotional distress between the divorcing spouses. If you and your spouse are divorcing, help creating a custody agreement that is suitable for all is available. Read More 

3 Worthwhile Advantages Of Working With A Securities Attorney When Investing In The Stock Market

16 April 2019
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If you invest your money in stocks and bonds, you're assuming some risk. After all, there's no guarantee that these investments will work out long-term. However, you can protect yourself from securities fraud and insider trading when you work with a securities attorney. This professional can help you in so many ways. Research Financial Health of Companies In order to make a qualified investment, you need to assess the financial health of the companies you're investing in. Read More 

Key Things To Do Before Filing For A Patent

8 March 2019
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Protecting your products and investments is important. When you develop a product or design, a patent is the best legal way to protect your financial interest. If you are getting ready to file a patent application, you need to be sure that you are fully prepared and doing the right thing. Here are a few things that you should think about along the way. Seek Help The patent application process is a complex one. Read More 

Undue Hardship: Can You Include Student Loans In A Bankruptcy?

30 January 2019
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There are very few debts that cannot be forgiven with a bankruptcy filing. Debts owed for back child support, debts stemming from lawsuits, and student loan debts are a few examples. When it comes to your student loans, your debt load might be considerably burdened by those monthly payments, and this issue can readily contribute to a worsening financial situation. In some instances, your student loan debt may be forgiven, however. Read More 

Your Teen’s First Car Collision: How To Proceed

22 December 2018
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Few things are more upsetting than finding out that your teenager has been involved with their first vehicle collision. When you see them, feelings may flood to the surface and you may commit yourself to legal action.  Consider these actions too. Call the Police Your teenager may not have had the presence of mind to call the cops to the scene. They might have been afraid to. Therefore, you'll need to do the task. Read More