Starting A Non-Profit? 4 Tips To Help You Get Off To A Good Start

10 November 2018
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If you've decided to start a non-profit organization, you've picked the right time. Non-profits are a thriving industry. However, because the industry is thriving, you'll have a lot of competition, especially in the beginning. That's why it's crucial that you hit the ground running as soon as you've formed your non-profit. Here are four steps you need to take now that you're planning to start your first non-profit. Start With a Sound Executive Summary Read More 

Some Aspects Of Estate Planning That Protect You, Your Wealth, And Your Heirs

3 October 2018
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Hiring an attorney to plan your estate is one of those responsible things you should do as an adult. It doesn't matter if you haven't accumulated a lot of wealth yet. Estate planning is certainly important for protecting your wealth once you're gone, but planning is essential for other reasons, especially when you have children. Here are some aspects of estate planning a lawyer can help you with. Protecting Your Wealth From Taxes And Creditors Read More 

Defenses That You Can Use For Driving In A Bus Lane

30 August 2018
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Many motorists commit the violation of driving in a bus lane at some point in their lives. While it's often possible to get away with this move, it's also possible that you'll find yourself pulled off to the side of the road and a police officer approaching your vehicle. Driving in a bus lane can lead to a ticket and a fine, and while some officers will be lenient and give you a warning based on what you say to them, others will immediately reach for their ticket book. Read More 

How A Liquor License Can Help Your Pizza Place Succeed

24 July 2018
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Pizza restaurants are often in high demand in a variety of towns, which may make it more difficult for your place to stand out. That said, it is possible to use a liquor license to expand your potential business opportunities and make more cash. Alcohol Can Attract New Types Of Business If your pizza restaurant is struggling to break out in a crowded market, you should investigate whether or not other places near you have a liquor license. Read More 

3 Things To Know About Bankruptcy

23 May 2018
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One of the more difficult times in life comes when you don't have the necessary money to pay your bills. This could be due to any number of things, ranging from losing your job to getting a divorce. The key to getting through this challenging stage in life may rest in filing for bankruptcy. Being aware of specific things you should do before filing bankruptcy may be helpful to you. Read More