Was Your Truck Accident Caused By A Tired Driver? Know These 2 Things

18 February 2021
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When it comes to trucking companies, there are plenty of regulations to make sure that the truck drivers and the vehicles around them are safe during all the hours the trucks are on the road. However, mistakes can still be made where rules are violated, especially when it comes to drivers that are tired because they are working too many hours during the week. If you were involved in an accident with a truck, it is important to know the following things about drivers that are overly fatigued. Read More 

Personal Injury Tips For Auto Part Defects

21 January 2021
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Sometimes auto part manufacturers don't make their products correctly, which leaves motorists susceptible to accidents and subsequent injuries. If you were in an accident because of some type of auto part defect, you want to carefully review these personal injury tips. Review Types of Liability  There are several instances that would bring about liability for an auto part manufacturer that should take some blame for an auto accident. Either their part had a defect — which came about in some manufacturing step — or the part had a dangerous design that was later identified. Read More