How Does A Teenager Get Emancipated?

23 January 2015
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To be emancipated means to be set free from social, legal or political supervision. If you are emancipated from your parents, they are no longer legally responsible for you, therefore all responsibilities become your own. Your parents will not be able to make any decisions for you, from going to school to seeking medical care. While it may seem like a dream come true for many teenagers, think about this long and hard and decide if this is the right option for you.

What Happens After You Are Emancipated

The first thing you should know is what exactly will happen after you are emancipated. While you may still be living with your parents, if they allow it, they do not legally have to let you live at home. You may need to find your own place to live and furnish it on your own, as well as get a job to pay for your residence. You will also be responsible for your own health care, transportation, food, and other essentials. You can be sued by another party and your parents will not be responsible for your legal expenses. However, you will not have adult permissions yet, such as drinking alcohol or voting.

Reasons to Consider Getting Emancipated

There are many different situations where getting emancipated from your parents might be something to consider. Every situation is different, so do not look at these as solid reasons for emancipation, but simply scenarios where it might be considered. These reasons include:

  • You have emotionally or physically abusive parents
  • Your parents are neglectful
  • You are financially independent
  • You are legally married
  • You do not agree with your parents' living situation or habits
  • You were kicked out of the house by your parents

Ways to Get Emancipated

When you get emancipated from your parents, you can either do it with a court order or without going through the courts. The ideal way to get emancipated is probably to not go through a long and painful court process, but this is rarely an option. In order to go this route, you will need to get your parent's permission to be emancipated. It is likely only an option if you got married as a minor or they kicked you out and no longer want financial responsibility. Otherwise, you will need to get a court order and prove you have a valid reason for wanting emancipation.

How to Prove Your Reasons

The biggest struggle with emancipation is showing to the courts that you have a valid reason for it, as well as what you will do for money, food and other responsibilities. You must already have a decent place to live and employment to be able to support yourself. This cannot include getting government aid, but through stable employment. You must also show you are mature enough to make these decisions for yourself, and that you are enrolled in school and actively going.

If you want to get emancipated, speak to a family law attorney, like one found at The Law Offices of Paul F. Moore II, to discuss the steps that are involved.