3 Tips For Defeating Depression After Being Injured At Work

3 August 2015
 Categories: Law, Blog

Getting injured at work can cause you to go through a lot. Along with dealing with physical pain and financial issues, for example, you might find yourself feeling very depressed. It can obviously be very depressing to be in a lot of pain, to not know how well you will recover, to be unable to leave the house much while you are recovering and to be unable to work and make a living for yourself. This is more common than you probably think, but you shouldn't ignore your depression. Instead, you should follow these steps for defeating it.

1. Don't Try to Hide It

Many people retreat into their own little "shells" after a workplace injury. Make sure that you do not hide yourself or your feelings when you are going through this troublesome time. Communicate with your family members and others who are close to you about what you are going through. Your loved ones might be more supportive than you think, and simply being able to vent about your feelings can help you put things in perspective. Plus, your family members and friends can help you get the help that you need to get through your depression.

2. Get Help With Your Legal Battles

Dealing with the legalities of a workplace injury can be draining, and it can all be too much for someone who is feeling depressed. Plus, finding out that your workers compensation claim or disability claim has been denied can make things a lot worse. This is why you should not try to fight these legal battles on your own. Instead, you should hire a disability lawyer or a workers compensation lawyer (like those at Ransom, Gilbertson, Martin & Ratliff, L.L.P) who can help you with every step of your claim. This can help take some of the pressure off of you, and it can also help ensure that your claim is approved the first time around.

3. Seek Therapy

Along with seeking medical treatment for your physical workplace injury, you should also seek depression treatment. Include this treatment in the cost of your other treatment for insurance purposes, since the issues are related. Talking to a counselor or possibly taking depression medication might be just what you need to feel better during this difficult time.

Dealing with depression after being injured at work isn't easy. However, you deserve to feel better. If you follow these three steps, you can start working toward healing.