How Social Media Can Affect A Custody Battle

23 December 2015
 Categories: Law, Blog

If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage through divorce, there are several things you should understand about the use of social media sites during this time. If you want to seek custody of your children, what you do on social media could affect the outcome of this goal. Here are three things to understand about the use of social media during custody fights.

The things you post can be used in court

Social media sites are extremely popular today, and many people use these to voice their feelings, concerns, and activities. While this might seem like a good thing to do at the time, you could affect the outcome of your case by what you post.

Anything that ends up on a social media site might be permissible in court during your custody battle. If your spouse sees things you posted that are questionable, he or she could screen shot the things and give them to his or her lawyer.

The reason social media is used in court

There are two main reasons your spouse would use your postings from social media sites in court, and these are:

  • To ruin your character and credibility in the case
  • To prove that you have more assets or money than you claim

If your spouse is able to prove these thing, you may have a hard time obtaining custody rights of your children.

Things to avoid with social media postings

As you are going through your divorce and custody battle, you should use extreme caution when posting on social media. It may be tempting to say how you feel or post pictures of things or activities, but this could come back to haunt you. Here are some things to avoid posting during a custody battle:

  • Derogatory things about your spouse
  • Pictures of you drinking or partying
  • Any reference to drugs
  • Photos of brand new assets you purchased, such as a car
  • Details of any new girlfriends or boyfriends

The postings you make on social media can reveal a lot about you and your character. If you want to prevent your spouse from having dirt on you, avoid doing these things.

Custody battles are very difficult and time-consuming, especially for fathers that want full custody of their children, and taking the right steps to protect your character will be vital during this time. To learn more, contact a divorce attorney, like Lisa M Pacione, Attorney At Law, in your area today.