How To Take Notes To Prepare For A Discrimination Lawsuit

16 March 2016
 Categories: Law, Blog

If you are being sexually harassed or discriminated against at work, you might feel helpless to make a change. You might even feel like you can't prove that the actions that have been perpetrated against you or that you are experienced happened in the first place. One way to strengthen your discrimination case and increase the chances that you are successful is to take careful notes. Here are some tips for taking notes in order to prepare for your discrimination lawsuit.

1. Get All Relevant Information

Your first step is to write down everything you can remember about any discrimination incident that happens to you, as well as some housekeeping information. The housekeeping information includes the date and time of the incident, as well as the general location. Write down any other details that you might think are helpful. For example, if an employer is sexually harassing you and his or her comments are based on what you are wearing, take note of what you are wearing during the incident or take a picture. This might help prove that you were wearing work appropriate clothes and that any comments that were made about them being "too sexy" were on the basis of sexism, rather than fact. 

2. Record Them in a Safe Place

Many people prefer to type things out when they are trying to take notes. This might not work if you are at work and only have access to a work computer and work wireless connections. This could compromise your notes and make it easy for employers to justify terminating employment based on a misuse of work related items. Instead, write down the incident in a notebook and take a picture of whatever you have just written down. Email the pictures to your personal email address using wireless data, rather than the wireless connection provided by the office. If you have your own computer, you could type out your notes but you don't want to send them to yourself over the office wireless connection. Simply back them up when you get home.

2. Don't Wait

If you experience some discrimination at work, don't wait to start taking notes. If anything feels uncomfortable or odd to you, write down any information you can think of right away. Even if you don't end up using it, it will provide a safeguard against not being prepared for a case in the future.

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