Drawing Up Agreeable Healthcare Contracts for Everyone & How a Lawyer Can Help

29 September 2016
 Categories: Law, Blog

In most things having to do with the law, people like to see if they can do it pro se, or on their own. While you certainly can do most things without a lawyer's help, contracts are something you should avoid doing alone. There are too many things that can go wrong with writing your own contracts, including the wording. If you still want to draw up your own contracts, like healthcare contracts for example, then you should at least have a lawyer help you. Here is how you can draw up agreeable healthcare contracts for everyone and how a lawyer can help.

Go to a Legal Contract Site and Use Available Templates

Attempting to word a legal contract on your own tends to create many loopholes and wording that is open to interpretation. While you want healthcare contracts to be reasonable and agreeable for everyone, you do not want to spend all your time and energy in court debating what you meant in your contract. If you are going to "write your own" healthcare contracts, try using the templates on a legal  contracts website for your state. These are often established by lawyers to help the pro se contract writer create a legitimate and legally binding contract that the state can, in good faith, honor. Several sections of these templates will allow you to fill in details regarding your clinic or hospital's policies, but maintain and follow regulations set forth by the state government.

Making the Contracts Agreeable for Everyone

Are your healthcare contracts meant to protect and serve the patient? Or, are contracts meant to get the patients to agree to and adhere to payment plans? With all of the healthcare contract types available, make sure that the types you create are favorable to both you and your patients and provide and uphold fair and equitable treatment of all parties involved who sign them. You do not want to be sued for a misconception or misrepresentation in a contract clause.

Always Have a Lawyer Double-Check Your Contracts

Lawyers that specialize in contracts, contract writing, and contract interpretation should be consulted after you have finished your first drafts of your contracts. The lawyers can read all the way through your contracts to see if there is anything amiss or anything that might be interpreted in a way you did not mean. Then you can either ask the lawyers for some suggestions on how to rewrite these passages, or hire a lawyer to rewrite these passages so that they are tight, understandable and will hold up in court.