Filing A Workers' Comp Claim? Know Why Timing Is Important

30 November 2016
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Workers' comp can be a life saver went you suddenly become injured at your job. With the help of insurance, you'll be able to recover at home and still collect part of your paycheck. In addition, all your medical bills related to the accident will be paid for, so the added stress from additional expenses will not be a factor. That said, in order to guarantee that you receive workers comp, you need to get moving on meeting time-sensitive deadlines.

Immediate Things To Do

The first thing you need to do is report the accident to your employer. While your state may or may not have deadlines on when you have to notify an employer, the failure to inform them of your injury can cause your claim to be invalidated. If an injury is bad enough to seek out medical attention to treat it, you should let your employer know about it. You want it to be clear that the injury was related to your job, not leaving any doubt that the injury happened in another way. Don't stress about needing to file out the proper forms, as all you need to do is notify them, ideally in a form like e-mail where there is a record of you notifying them.

Of course, there are exceptions where you cannot notify your employer immediately. If you were incapacitated due to the injury, or the injury occurred while working off-site, it's understandable that you'll be taken to the hospital before you even have the opportunity to notify your employer. Focus on your medical care as a priority if notifying your employer is not practical.

Be Aware of Deadlines For Filing

Every state will have their own deadlines regarding when you need to file the necessary paperwork by. Expect this deadline to be anywhere between 30-90 days after the injury, although some states, like California, have a time limit of up to 5 years. There are obvious exceptions to this rule, such as if you are in a coma and not able to file the paperwork, but they are for limited situations.

Hire An Attorney When You Need Help

You should focus on getting yourself healthy again, not navigating all the rules for workers' comp and making sure you are meeting deadlines. Work with an attorney that specializes in workers' comp cases. They will take care of the case for you, and only get you involved when it is necessary. Contact a law firm like The Law Offices Of Martin Von Mizener for more information.