3 Tips To Follow If You'Re Being Sexually Harassed At Work

26 September 2017
 Categories: Law, Blog

Is someone sexually harassing you at work? You may feel uncomfortable when you arrive at work because you already know that specific person is going to make sexual advances, say something perverted, or even do something to make you feel uncomfortable. You don't have to continue working in an environment where you feel threatened and are being treated badly. If you're afraid of dealing with repercussions for reporting the sexual harassment, it's important to follow a few important steps.

1. Ask a Sexual Harassment Attorney For Advice

Whether you're planning to file a lawsuit or not, speak to a sexual harassment attorney to get some advice. The attorney may encourage you to keep these incidents documented in a journal. He or she may give you tips on catching the person in action so that you evidence of the sexual harassment. The attorney could help you gather the evidence you need to support the lawsuit you may want to file against the person who is harassing you. It's always wise to get the opinion of a legal professional before you attempt to press charges or take action in the workplace.

2. Capture Your Interactions on Camera

Consider installing a nanny cam in your office. If the person harassing you comes into your office and starts saying derogatory things or makes moves on you right then and there, it'll all be captured on film. If you're planning to file a lawsuit, it helps to have some evidence. Without any evidence, it's usually your word against the perpetrator's word. The person may not suffer many severe consequences if you don't have a way to prove that what you're claiming they've done is actually true. Make sure you're investing in a high-quality nanny cam with great resolution and audio. The recordings may be used to prove your sexual harassment case against the other individual is legitimate.

3. Speak to Some of Your Closest Co-Workers

Once you've captured the interactions on camera and are getting ready to pursue legal action, talk to your co-workers privately. Some of them may be dealing with sexual harassment, but are too afraid to open up about it because they don't want to lose their jobs. If several people are going through what you're going through, you may want to ask them to provide statements to your attorney. Some people may not want to get involved, but others may want to help you seek justice against this person who thought it was perfectly acceptable to harass other people.

Don't let someone keep you from enjoying the work you do for a living. If you're being sexually harassed by someone at work, you should consult with a sexual harassment attorney to get some advice and find out more about the right steps to take. You may want to install a nanny camera in your office to capture the incidents taking place and chat with trustworthy co-workers about the situation to see if anyone else is dealing with the same problem. The only way to put a stop to this problem is to stand up for yourself and take action.