3 Things To Accept When You Choose To Pursue Legal Action Following A Workplace Injury

23 May 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog

Not everyone who is injured at work decides to take legal action. If your injury is minor and you feel as though your company has responded to the situation appropriately, you might feel as though legal action isn't necessary. However, in the case of a severe injury or blatant neglect by the employer, hiring a workers' compensation attorney and helping them to prepare a case for you is a logical response. Once things move forward legally, there's no turning back. Here you pursue legal action, you'll want to accept these three things.

1. The Relationship With Your Employer Will Change

There's no denying that once you take legal action against your employer in the wake of a workplace injury, your relationship will change. Even though your employer was likely to blame for your injury, employers will often be upset that employees pursue legal action — something that will cost the company financially. While your employer cannot overtly discriminate against you upon your return to work — for example, firing you because you took legal action — the workplace might not feel as friendly to you as it once was.

2. Your Days At That Company May Be Over

Many people who are injured on the job and take legal action against their employer decide to no longer work there after they recover from their injury. Some people look to move to a different organization simply to avoid the risk of awkwardness upon returning to the company you've just taken to court. You're in an ideal position if you feel that you're more than ready to make such a change in your work life — in some cases, the injury and legal proceedings may be the catalyst that compels you to switch jobs.

3. You May Notice Jealousy From Some Colleagues

The dynamic between you and your colleagues can also change after a workers' compensation case. Simply put, those with whom you've worked may become jealous of you. If you get a large settlement — perhaps one that is large enough that you no longer have to work — some of your colleagues may be jealous because they weren't the ones who were injured. This logic may seem bizarre, but the emotions that people experience when it comes to large sums of money can be surprising. Don't let the above points deter you from taking legal action. Speak to a workers' compensation attorney to discuss the merits of your case. If your case is strong, the satisfaction that you experience upon justice being served will trump any concerns you may have had.

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