A Divorce Explained In 4 Easy-To-Understand Steps

3 February 2020
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So many people want to get divorced but do not understand how to go about doing it or what steps are involved. While there are more than four steps involved, these are the main four you will need to complete in order to get divorced. Read on to learn about the four steps you will need to complete to get divorced.

1. File the Petition

You cannot begin a divorce without filing a petition for it. To do this, you can print out the papers and file it yourself at your local county court or you can hire a lawyer to do it for you. It is easier to hire a lawyer to handle the paperwork, but it is also more expensive. The key point is that a divorce will not be started until one of the spouses files a petition to initiate it. If you want a divorce, do not expect your spouse to file the petition. Instead, take charge and do it yourself.

2. Request Temporary Orders

After you file, your spouse will be notified about the divorce petition and will have a limited amount of time to respond. While this is occurring, ask your lawyer to help you work out a request for temporary orders. Temporary orders are just agreements you make for the time being that relate to how things in your relationship will work. For example, you can request an order about your living arrangements, child custody, and finances. Nothing will be set in stone, though, until you attend a hearing for the temporary orders, and this should occur within a month or so after filing for divorce.

3. Work on the Settlement

Step three is often the hardest part of a divorce, as it requires working on reaching an agreement on the settlement of your divorce. During this stage, you will have to find an agreement on every issue you have for the divorce. If your spouse is fighting everything you want, it might take a while to work out all these details.

4. Attend Your Final Hearing

The last step of your divorce involves a court hearing where the judge will approve the divorce and will pronounce you divorced. This court hearing might be several months after you filed for the divorce or longer. It really depends on how fast you can complete the steps in the process.

If you are ready to begin these four steps, visit a divorce law firm. This is where you can get the process started and learn more about other steps in a divorce case.

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