Can A Divorce Ever Be Amicable?

18 June 2020
 Categories: Law, Blog

For many divorcing couples, thinking about divorce feels scary. Although both parties might wish for a divorce to be completely amicable, many wonder if getting lawyers involved has to create tension.

The truth? Hiring a divorce attorney does not have to make things more contentious. These are a few tips you can use to ensure that you are setting yourself up for an amicable divorce.

Understand Your Goals

When you are focused on the future, you can have a better understanding of the goals you hope to accomplish before and after the divorce is finalized. Few people go into a divorce hoping to decimate the relationship beyond repair, especially if they have children with their spouse. This is where a divorce attorney steps in.

Is your goal to get the divorce and then move on with your life? If so, you can accomplish this with a divorce. Is your goal to ensure that your child has both parents in his or her life? You can accomplish this goal if you are willing to make some compromises. Your attorney can help you stay centered on your goals.

Your goal is likely not to be angry and feel hurt all the time. Keep your eye on improving your life and working through your feelings in therapy rather than letting them play out in the courtroom.

Resist the Urge to Speak Negatively

Bad-mouthing your ex isn't a great way to make the divorce amicable, especially if you have children. In fact, you can actually make things way more difficult on yourself if you are caught talking negatively about your child's other parent.

Your divorce attorney will advise you not to talk about your ex, especially in front of your children, because a judge can rule that you are participating in parental alienation if you are caught doing so.

Consider All Your Options

Many people are not aware of all the options they have for ending a marriage. For example, your divorce attorney may reveal to you that you have the option to pursue separation instead. Separation allows you to remain legally married, which can have some benefits if you are not trying to cut ties completely just yet.

Considering all of your options also means that you should consider hiring an attorney. Amicable divorces involve an understanding of the law and what each individual has a right to.

Divorce doesn't have to feel like war even if you hire a divorce attorney. Contact a local attorney today.