Why You Should Always Use A Car Accident Lawyer If Disputes Over Insurance Arise

21 May 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog

Car accidents are terrible events that nobody enjoys, but the resulting aftermath that can take months if not years to sort out can be just as frustrating. There is no one in their right mind who goes out to cause a car accident, but sometimes people paint themselves in a better light. That is just human nature and also something that people convince themselves of so that there are fewer financial ramifications. If you have been the victim of a car accident and now the other driver is tying up the insurance process and not wanting to give an inch, then here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a car accident lawyer to take over your case.

Make It Official

Sometimes, drivers who are at fault will try to get out of paying the excess or the full sum to your insurance by simply using delay tactics. They might say some vague phrases about not being fully at fault, or perhaps they will seem to start changing their mind about what exactly happened. Most of this is just to stop themselves from having to pay the required amount or getting more time so that you are more likely to give up chasing them. If you then go through the process of hiring a car accident lawyer, you put the onus back on them and let them know you are deadly serious about all of this. If this doesn't work, then at least you have already begun the legal process that would have started anyway, and now you are on the front foot as well so you have got a headstart on any potential arguments you might face in court or arbitration. 

Get A Bigger Settlement

Sometimes, the owed amount for the car accident is paid promptly, but it does not go far enough. Maybe your insurance doesn't cover ongoing care, or perhaps the other driver's insurance is disagreeing on the type of repairs your car underwent. This is all very complicated to deal with on your own, and without legal advice, you are liable to get beaten into a submissive position, accepting a sub-par settlement that really isn't fair to you, the victim. A car accident lawyer acts on your behalf but with all the knowledge one needs to make your case as persuasive as possible. It is likely the other driver or their insurance is banking on you not hiring a lawyer, which is why they are being so brazen about trying to change the terms after the event has already happened. Don't let them stop you from what you are entitled to just because you never went to law school. 

Avoid Court Anyway

Just because you are hiring a car accident lawyer does not mean that you are going to court. In fact, most civil lawsuits about car accidents never make it in front of a judge even if a lawyer has been hired. This is because those types of court cases are extremely expensive for both sides. Even if you win, you still need to pay the costs of the courtroom that can sometimes even be more than the total amount won, especially in smaller cases. Once you have a car accident lawyer, they can begin submitting offers for settlements that you are happy with, and generally, these are taken quite seriously to avoid the aforementioned drama that you cause when in court. Sometimes, hiring a lawyer is the best way to actually avoid the courtroom because both sides' lawyers are more diplomatic and able to come to an arrangement than the two involved parties would not be able to due to their emotional state.