Important Information To Provide To Your Personal Injury Attorney

24 June 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog

If you recently had an incident occur where you suffered from a personal injury, and you are suing a business in exchange for monetary compensation for your hardship, you need to hire an attorney to assist with this venture. There are a few key items that need to be provided to your lawyer so you have a chance of a favorable outcome in court.

Medical Documentation

Gather any documentation provided to you from physicians, hospitals, and specialists regarding the extent of your injury and the services provided to you for healing. Contact each of your providers and ask them to write a letter documenting their observations. If you are unable to obtain this information, contact your insurance provider as they may have documentation that was sent to them in order to process claims. Make sure to fill prescriptions and attend follow-up appointments as necessary. If you do not, the court's perception about your injury may be that it was not as severe as you had originally claimed.

Photographs Or Videos

If you had taken photographs or videos of your surroundings at the time your injury occurred, provide these to your attorney without delay. These are important snapshots of what had happened at the exact time you were injured, and there may be clues within images that help in proving a business was negligent in providing a safe environment for those utilizing their grounds. If your camera, phone, or electronic device has the capability to do so, imprint a date and time stamp on each photograph or video to prove when the incident had taken place. Make sure to backup all images or videos on a hard drive to ensure they remain available in case of originals becoming compromised or lost. It is also wise to take additional photographs and videos of the area you were injured to prove whether the area was fixed or that it remains a hazard to others.

Witness Information

If there were other people present at the time you became injured, it is important to gather their names, addresses, and phone numbers. Your attorney will use this information to track down potential witnesses of the incident to see if they have information pertinent to your case. These people would then be sequestered to attend your court hearing so they can speak up on your behalf. If you were unable to acquire information because of the extent of your injury, find out if there were cameras nearby. Images of witnesses are likely to be captured on film, and your attorney would request footage to help in identifying who saw the injury at the time it had happened.

To learn more, contact a personal injury attorney.