Back To Work And Workers' Comp Coverage: What To Know

2 September 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog

Most workers experiencing a work-related illness or injury get back to work as soon as they can. However, not all medical issues are easily resolved. To find out what might happen when you are ordered back to work but are not ready, read below.

Stay in Touch While Recuperating

It's important to keep your employer informed of your status in regard to workers' comp. It can make things easier on them, and it can only help you when you return to your job. If you have been ordered to return to work and you feel you are ready, let your employer know about it so that arrangements can be made. Some workers return to work with certain temporary restrictions. That might mean working light-duty jobs or even coming in part-time only for a bit. Letting your employer know about things like that can help them plan for your return.

Doctor's Orders

It is usually your workers' comp doctor who makes the back-to-work decision. In many cases, your injury has improved enough that you will have no problem attending to the tasks of your job. However, you might disagree with your doctor. When that happens, you might need to speak to a workers' comp lawyer. You have a right to be represented and to have legal help with your case in the event of issues like disputes over returning to work.

The Medical Examination

While your workers' comp doctor may order you to return to work, you might also be asked to have a special medical examination. The workers' comp insurer may need to understand more about your current condition. This exam may be performed by another doctor hired by the insurer. They will examine you and perhaps run some tests. The results of that exam may also mean being ordered to return to work. At this point, things have gotten serious and you will probably need some help coping if you disagree with the independent medical exam. Whatever you do, returning to work while still suffering from a condition is ill-advised.

Why Legal Help is Necessary

Workers' comp law is complex. You may have rights to an appeal and second opinions but might not know how to approach things. Having a lawyer on your side means knowing what to do to get the benefits you need. For example, if you are told that you have an injury that is not expected to heal in a timely manner, did you know that you may be eligible for a lump-sum payment? A workers' comp lawyer understands how to jump through the hoops necessary and you can get this help with no upfront legal fees. Find out more by speaking to a workers' compensation lawyer.