Why You Need To Contact A Car Accident Injury Attorney If You Hurt Your Neck During A Crash

19 July 2022
 Categories: Law, Blog

Car crashes can lead to things like neck injuries. Depending on the impact, you may experience excruciating pain, which may prevent you from working, driving, or providing for your family. The medical costs for combating this condition can also be expensive and may range from therapy to surgery, and if you're not treated well, your injury could become permanent. Fortunately, you can contact a car accident injury attorney to help you pursue compensation and hold the liable individual accountable. Here's why you need to call these lawyers if you injure your neck during a crash:

Seeking Treatment

After a collision, it's vital to seek immediate medical attention, whether your symptoms are subtle or severe. Diagnosing yourself may give you a wrong interpretation of your condition and lead to errors during filing. Several things could cause neck injuries, including a sprain to the neck muscles, pinched nerves, bone fractures, herniated disks, or even spinal cord damage. A car accident injury lawyer can link you with a licensed physician who will examine your condition and document your injuries. They'll also ensure that your medical report is written without bias and that your rights are protected. 

Valuing Your Claim

When computing your losses, you need to factor in several things. Some include the time you require to recover, the seriousness of your injury, and the impact of the crash on your life. You should also include expenses such as treatment costs, repairs to your damaged car, replacement income, psychological trauma, and lost future costs if you cannot continue working due to your wounds. If you don't have a legal professional by your side, an insurer may offer you any amount they think you deserve without considering these factors. If you accept such a settlement, taking care of your expenses will be difficult, and you'll pay some bills from your pocket. A lawyer can ensure that you receive an amount covering all your damages. Their main aim is to safeguard their clients' interests and protect them from exploitation. 

Documenting Evidence

Without evidence, proving that your neck pains resulted from a crash can be difficult. If you approach an insurer without proof, they may argue that you have a preexisting condition and deny your compensation claim. A car accident injury lawyer can document evidence and use it to show that your injuries resulted from a reckless driver's action. Through medical records, police reports, and eyewitness statements, they'll show how the at-fault driver failed to perform their duty of care, causing the crash. 

Obtaining reimbursement for neck pains can be challenging if you don't have a strong claim. Luckily, a car accident injury lawyer can use all the legal resources to defend your rights and ensure you get a maximum settlement.