3 Benefits Of Hiring A Social Security Law Firm To Handle Your Disability Case

10 October 2022
 Categories: Law, Blog

Have you applied for Social Security Disability benefits? If so, you may want to consider hiring a Social Security law firm to handle your case. This is because there are several benefits that come along with seeking out legal counsel when filing a disability claim. In this article, you can learn more about three of those benefits so that you can see for yourself why it is really in your best interest to reach out to a Social Security law firm as soon as possible.

Benefit #1: You Won't Pay Unless They Win Your Case

Social Security Disability attorneys work on what is known as a contingency basis. What this means is that you do not pay anything for their services upfront. Instead, their ability to collect legal fees is contingent upon them winning your case. If they are able to win your case, any legal fees that you owe will be deducted from the proceeds of your case. However, if they do not win your case, you will owe absolutely nothing. Consequently, there really is nothing to lose by choosing to hire a Social Security law firm to handle your case.

Benefit #2: Increase Your Odds Of Winning Your Case

The rules regarding who qualifies for disability benefits and what evidence needs to be submitted in order to be approved for these benefits can be rather complex. Unfortunately, these complex rules often lead to individuals being denied benefits that they should qualify to receive. Social Security law firms offer knowledge and experience that can help to increase your odds of winning your case by ensuring that you are able to effectively navigate the rules regarding your claim. This includes ensuring that you have submitted all the necessary medical documentation that is required in order for your claim to be approved. 

Benefit #3: Ensure That Your Rights Are Protected

You have a variety of rights when applying for Social Security Disability benefits. For instance, you have the right to be examined by a doctor of your choosing. You have the right to appeal any decision in your case that you do not agree with. If your claim is ultimately approved, you also have the right to collect back payments dating back to the date your application was filed. Choosing to hire a Social Security law firm to represent you will ensure that you are not only aware of all your rights, but it will also allow you to ensure that these rights are protected.  

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